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September 05, 2002
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
by Tom Arnold, Executive Recruiter

It is said that many problems are solved (or caused for that matter) by communication (or lack there of).

This statement also proves true when applied to recruiting. An applicant that has been designated by a recruiter as a strong candidate needs to be "in the loop" when it comes to communicating their status regarding a possible new career opportunity.

I have seen far too many candidates seek other career search options due to poor communication from their recruiter. A simple plan of following-up with a candidate with a brief phone call can assure that candidate (and the accompanying placement fee they represent) will remain interested in the position you seek to fill.

Common sense - right? Well, maybe so. A common practice? Definitely not. Many staffing "specialists" and recruiters only touch base with their candidates after they have received feedback from a client. Candidates don't like entering another weekend without hearing about possible "bites" of interest on their resume from prospective employers.

While you are sourcing, cold-calling, phone screening, and (most importantly) NOT calling your candidates, they are submitting his/her resume to every website and agency that exists. This not only weakens your ability to market a resume due to it's easy accessiblity to clients, but, your candidate has now increased your competition for the placement due to "your" lack of communication. Hate waiting for feedback from a client? How do you think the candidate feels not hearing anything at all from your desk?

A quick phone call can not only keep a candidate "in the loop" but will reward them with a feeling that they are being represented and marketed with a personalized touch. My candidates are told upon our first discussion that I will inform them of all feedback, "good, bad & ugly" along with the current status of the client's interview process. This helps candidates with constructive criticism, pumps them up for a potential interview, and just as important, assists me with determining if I am "hitting the mark" when it comes to matching up quality candidates with the position for which I am recruiting.

Commission checks on the decrease? Past clients not seeking your services as often? Maybe your answer is only a phone call away!

  About the Author
Tom Arnold, Executive Recruiter of SHS Staffing Solutions
Tom Arnold is an Executive Recruiter with SHS Staffing Solutions in Harrisburg, PA. Tom can be reached via email at

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